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Treasures New and Old
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Why do we accept the Bible as the Word of God?

Reasons the Bible is God's Word

Unfolding Prophecy Truth
May God bless you all!
Setting aside the evidences of all the fulfilled prophecies in the Old Testament and the New (like the destruction of the Temple predicted by Jesus); the historical evidence that is continually being found that collaborates the Bible; the scientific evidences like those found in Job and other places such as the Earth "hanging" (as in orbiting space); the
evidence (number evidence i.e. the number of things that add up to seven,
hidden codes in the Torah which some call the fingerprint of God) everywhere; the way various book authors confirm each other's writings (even when they are generations apart and have never met each other); the fact that no other "holy" book comes close to trying to predict the future, or have historical or scientific facts, but have huge contradictions within themselves, and do not explain the why behind their various religious assertions; there are some very personal reasons why we believe that the Bible is the Word of God:
  1. It speaks to us personally - where else can we go to get the "words of life"?
  2. It has tremendous wisdom and encouragement that has provided us with guidance throughout our lifelong journeys.
  3. God has used His Word to convict us of sin, as well as encourage us on to love and good works towards both God and man.
  4. It provides clear explanations as to why we are here - our origin, purpose, calling - and despite the media and scientific community's loud cries to the contrary - no part of the Bible has ever been disproved - including Genesis and the creation account.
  5. It provides solid ground from which to base our lives - principles to follow as we marry, raise children, conduct business, and make behavioral decisions.
  6. It tells us about our Savior and all that He has done and is doing for us - no other "holy book" has a savior and messiah as does the Bible.
  7. It contains non-optional principles that when followed have brought us personal and family success (i.e. financial principles, marriage principles, etc.).
  8. During times of depression, Psalms has lifted many of us up (in the night seasons); during times of joy: Isaiah, Paul's letters, and others have given us understanding of that joy.
  9. Verses come to us when we need them as promises - water to a thirsty person.
  10. It has proven to be quick and powerful and living in many of our lives - especially when we memorize and meditate on the Word.
  11. No other book or collection of books could do these things unless they were given by the Creator - all other solid evidences mentioned above aside . . .