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Privacy Policy
The privacy policy is to inform you of our policies of collection, usage, and disclosure of personal information of users of Elkmont Baptist Church's website. Elkmont Baptist Church is dedicated to protecting your privacy.
Personal Information Collection and Usage
Elkmont Baptist Church believes your personal information is important and if you share it with us, it is a sacred trust that we do all we can to protect and use it appropriately and in a manner known to the website user giving it.
As of this time, personal information is only collected when the user gives it voluntarily by email, phone, or mail. The information we may receive such as a name, email address, phone number, and address is used to contact or identify you for our records. This website, at this time, does not collect user data.
By using this site, you agree to the terms written in this policy.
Our privacy policy will be updated as needed to reflect changes that will best suit and protect ourselves and those who use our website. Please review this page from time to time to fully know of any changes.
We do not sell, disclose, trade, or rent any personal information given to us to third parties. It will only be used for internal organizational purposes.
Personal information given to us will be used only for internal records, improving our website, and contacting those who gave their information for the purpose of being contacted. Only if the giver of information has given consent will they be put on a mailing list for future mailings. Otherwise, the user will be contacted only if the user has instigated the said contact.
We will do all that is reasonably possible to protect user's information and to secure and maintain the integrity of that information by using physical and electronic defenses to protect that information from breaches and compromise. But remember that any Internet transaction is never completely secure from breaches.
We do not control nor are responsible for how the information is collected and used by any third party links on our website.
Cookies are small data files, usually with an identifier, that are stored by your system, almost always automatically, by the browser on your computer's hard drive. Cookies do not collect personally identifiable information. You can, in your browser settings, change settings to deny cookies access to your computer. Cookies are used to track traffic to website and to aid in improving the website experience and content. Website visitors may also receive cookies from third parties. Elkmont Baptist Church has no control over these cookies. Any cookies generated by our website are incidental to the web building tool suite we have used to create our website and were not developed by our web team.
Elkmont Baptist Church website may be linked to other websites, affiliated or not affiliated with Elkmont Baptist Church. If you choose to leave EBC's website, we have no control nor responsibility over the personal information those sites may collect. Refer to their privacy policies for their collection and use of personal data. Nor are we responsible for the content of their website.
Note that Elkmont Baptist Church uses Google Maps API(s) and it is subject to Google's privacy policy located currently at, and is amended by Google from time to time.


We have done our best to insure the complete accuracy and current content of this website. Errors still occur, and Elkmont Baptist Church does not claim any responsibility for any grammar, typos, or outdated errors. We reserve the right to make changes as we deem fit without notice to the public.
We make no guarantees the website will work perfectly every time and be error-free.
Using the Internet comes with risks to your computer, software, and data from viruses, malware, and other malicious attacks. By using the Internet and this website you are assuming the risks posed by these potential attacks. Elkmont Baptist Church is not libel for any damages or loss perpetrated from them in the use of the website.


All information that does not belong to, or is copyrighted or trademarked to a third party is copyrighted by Elkmont Baptist Church. Copyrighted material cannot be copied, reproduced, or used without written permission from the copyright holder for commercial purposes. To request permission for commercial use of the material, please contact us. Usage of third party copyrights and trademarks must gain their permission according to copyright and trademark laws. To use content of this website for non-commercial use, please do so freely, but credit the source of information to Elkmont Baptist Church and its website.
If you have any comments or questions regarding our privacy policy, disclaimer, or copyrights; please contact us at; or (256) 732-4926; or write us at Elkmont Baptist Church P.O. Box 186, Elkmont, AL 25620.